The Scribble

The Scribble

Written by: David Windle

I am a scribble

I scribble in the morning
I scribble in the daytime
I scribble in the evening

I scribble all night long
while you're sleeping fast and still
I'm busy spinning patterns along your window sill.

And just before you wake up I wriggle into your bed
and turn your hair into a thunderstorm
exploding on your head

I curl around doorways
and climb up curtains.
I roll into a ball
and clutter up corners.
I wind round pencils
and poles
and pipes
and tall people’s legs
if they are in my way.

I am a scribble
and I love being scruffy
and having no middle
or edges
or ends,
unless I am swinging from a hook
or a tree, or a ledge
in the shape of a shape...
any shape I like to make.

I can be anything
I want to be.

Best of all I like to be a scribble
and hide in your book
then terrify the teacher
with a scribbly look,
or lie stretched out on the shelf
behind you
like a snake with a slippery tongue,
or make a nest in your hat
and watch like an owl,
or stick to the ceiling like a spider’s web.

I love being messy
and making you messy too
throwing your bags
in the air
like handfuls of leaves
or making you scribble
your name on the board
in big whirly letters
that no one can read.

I love being a scribble
you might like it too
no one can tell you what to do,
no one can tidy you up
or flatten you out,
or straighten your hair
or iron your clothes,
or tell you to sit in a chair
or stand in a line
or anything sensible and boring like that.

Being a scribble is brilliant
it’s like being water
it’s like being air
you can do anything
go anywhere,
you can scribble up mountains
you can scribble through forests
you can scribble over oceans
or you can scribble right where you are
you don’t have to go very far!

And guess what? Now that we've met

I won't ever desert you or leave you behind,
our friendship is set
from beginning to end
as long as you promise just one simple thing,
you'll never forget me
no matter how grown up you look
or important you feel
you must remember the scribble is real.

So let's get started
right here right now:
I am a scribble
It’s brilliant
I’ll show you how...

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