Time Travel

Time Travel

Written by: David Windle

You probably think
it’s a lot of fun, but it isn’t.

In fact, to be frank and fair,
It can be a little bit scary.
It’s getting worse,
The fear; it’s getting worse,
Year on year.
Time was, when I was young,
Wide eyed
And impressed, the fear
Didn’t frighten me
Much at all.

Looking back, I remember
The thrill of disintegration
As I slipped through the decades
Like dust
Falling through light.
Looking back,
I remember the pleasure
Of free falling, parachuteless,
As the world swirled above me
Before sliding out of sight.
Looking back, I remember
The unalloyed joy
Of limbo, the minute space
Between time’s passing juggernauts,
And the smile drawn across my face.

Time has passed since
The excitement of those early days;
A lot of water’s flowed under this particular bridge
And things have changed:
The unshatterable certainty of safe return
Doesn’t come so freely anymore,
And more often than not
I feel alarm at the sudden shift
In gravity and the cosmic hand
Placed upon my back
Pushing me through the letterbox
Between daylight and darkness.

In the future I hope to find
My freedom again, to get my mojo back;
You may think that’s an odd thing
For a time traveller to say?
Surely, the future is here today,
If I want it to be?
Well, time travel doesn’t work like that,
It’s far more complicated than you think,
And currently
The only guide I have to follow is me.

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