The Adventures of Dexter – Yo-Yo

The Adventures of Dexter – Yo-Yo

Written by: David Windle

Dexter delved deeply into his bag. He was looking for his yoyo.

As children darted around him like swallows at dusk, shouting and laughing, calling out names and chasing each other, Dexter’s hand ducked and dived inside his backpack searching the darkness for his golden spinner.

“There!” exclaimed one finger.

“Got it,” shouted another as his hand closed around the yoyo, and lifted it out into the daylight.

“Hee, hee,” devious Dexter chuckled under his breath, “Time for a touch of ticklesome tinkering.”

Dexter slid the loop of string over his finger and reeled the yoyo into his palm, gathering its power.

With a sudden nimble step he leapt into the middle of the playground, braced himself firmly and unfurled the golden disk at top speed. It flared like a firework and span like a chainsaw.

Everyone in the playground stopped still and stared.

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