River Runs Free

River runs free river runs free
along the rocky ridge and down
towards the sea
river runs free river runs free
like the wind and birds
and you and me.

Day and Night

As night’s darkness falls back
Like a wave returning to the sea
The daylight begins to grow,
Slowly creeping over the world.

The Immortal River

River you flow on
Endless and strong.
River with your crown of reeds
Tough and tender in the wind
Slanting like the arrows of a hunter
Bent towards where the open mouth
Swallows the sea.


The whipping wind lashed the water
Shredding the shiny surface of the lake;
Rivers of rain ran down the windows
Of the weather battered house
And the linked trees lining the hilltop
Leant like old men into the face of the storm.

The Blind Man

Eyes of coral blossom
as grey as the silent moon,
dotted with tendrilled ether
that streaks his vision apart.