“Uttering a word is like striking a note on the keyboard of the imagination.” ¬†Ludwig Wittgenstein.

The Primary Poems Idea

Poetry isn’t about right and wrong; poetry doesn’t have the answers.

Poetry isn’t about perfect punctuation or excellent rhyming; poetry doesn’t necessarily need a plan.

Poetry is about using words to explore the world; and yourself in the world; and everything you think, see, touch, taste, feel, experience.

Poetry connects us to each other, and reconnects us to ourselves; poetry gets the bees buzzing in your brain.

Primary Poems is here to encourage you to explore the world with your words. Feeling confident to use language to express yourself is a vital and empowering skill, and poetry is the perfect way to begin to play with words and practice that skill.

Primary Poems is here to get you reading, writing and enjoying poetry.