About Primary Poems

The aim of Primary Poems is to make poetry accessible and enjoyable to both school children and teachers, and to encourage children and young people to write their own poems.

Primary Poems is a free teaching resource for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils and teachers to be used in any way you like!

You may let your class roam around the site, read the poems and have a crack at writing their own poetry.

Or, you may like to plan a literacy lesson around a particular poem on the site, and use the poetry writing tips and ideas to get the imagination moving.

Or, perhaps, put a poem a day up on the whiteboard to start a discussion.

It’s totally up to you.

Feel free to print the poems out and stick them into books or onto walls, feel free to add a thoughtful comment to a poem.

Feel free to get in touch to request a poem or to send a poem in for publication.

All the work on this site is © 2013 Primary Poems unless otherwise stated.

Please contact Primary Poems if you wish to republish any of the sites content outside of your school.