A is for Angry Antelopes

A is for Angry Antelopes

Written by: David Windle

A is for angry antelopes arguing,

B is for brazed buffaloes barbecuing,

C is for cardboard caterpillars crying,

D is for dozens of drowning doughnuts,

E is for everybody else,

F is for fine, frowning fellows,

G is for golden goats golfing,

H is for hairy halibut haranguing hens,

I is for idiotic individuals ice-skating,

J is for jelly, just jelly,

K is or King Kong kissing koalas,

L is for lovable lemons looking lonesome,

M is for my marvellous money,

N is naked nuns nattering naughtily,

O is for old orange oats,

P is for pre-prepared pirate plots,

Q is for quiet questions,

R is for really rowdy robots rotating rabid rabbits,

S is for stew,

T is for time ticking towards tomorrow,

U is for underpants under pants,

V is for very, very, very, very, very,

W is for whales’ wistful wishes,

X marks the spot,


Z is for Zebra, Zulu, Zanzibar and Zoom, of course.

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