If you like my poems, why not buy my children’s book and use  the free resources it in your guided reading lessons!

Check out this lovely review on The Book Bag – ‘immediately engaging and entertaining. It’s funny and anarchic and original.’

Spudboy and Chip is perfect for readers aged 6 – 11 – if your kid likes comedy and cartoons, it’s ideal for them. If they’re a reluctant reader, it’s simply written and full of action. If you’re a primary school teacher, why not use it to encourage your class to write their own Spudboy stories or create their own crazy superheroes?

It’s a comical, superhero adventure which follows the fortunes of young Colin Sludge – or Spudboy as he becomes after he accidentally merges with a potato – and his sidekick Chip. The story is about bravery, change and the strength of friendship and family in the face of adversity.

If you like comic books or superhero stories then this book is for you (or your child!). It’s perfectly pitched for an 8/9 year old reader, but has also been enjoyed by those younger and older.

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